It’s So Hot, I Could Vomit. Wait. Yup. Just did.

It’s hot out there folks, like real hot. When its hot for a land going, desert loving, saliva spitting, water storing mammal like us, then you know it’s hot.  So for the sake of safety lets review a few ways to beat the heat and keep pounding the trails.

  • The booze; during the week, trade the elixir of life for some good old fashion water……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! I got jokes.
  • Use Gatorade as your mixers; One time when I was in Mexico, a girl friend (one of the many) and I stumbled, (quite literally) on to using Lemon Gatorade mixed with Tequila. While driving a tiny manual rental car with no AC, like I was James Dean through the jungle and chain smoking Mexican stinkies, we landed on the name Gatoreeda.  You can use that one on your next adventure, our gift to you.
  • Vaseline; For the Chafe, just slather that goop on, where ever you might need some lube. heh. nudge, nudge. wink, wink.
  • Running clothes; Time for them short shorts. Less is more during the scorching summer heat. (FYI, this is when I embrace the “back of pack” running, as my “Summer Bod” looks a lot like my “Winter Bod”.
  • Sun Screen; If your gonna bare it all, use the bullfrog or your preferred sun junk.
  • Hat; they’re optional I guess. Unless you gonna do something dumb like pound some pavement. pfft….stupid road running… tree…concrete jungle..nonsense….
  • Post Run Watering Hole; When the summer sun is winning the fight, it helps to have that Oasis set in you mind, your…..Wonder Wall. So, when all the roads we have to walk are winding, And all the lights that lead us there are blinding, There are many things that I
    would like to say to you but I don’t know how……er..uh……ya.
  • Endurance; This one is easy, it’s like a trick question, cuz it’s in the title. Endure. Thats what we do. We’re Camels. Mountain Camels. So we Endure the heat and vomit and sweat and pain and just plug along. Cuz we don’t know any better.

So, to recap a Mountain Camels method to beat the heat, Drink more, Run slower, Wear less, Drink more, Push through it and go to Mexico.


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